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Words Are Hard

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A War on Writer's Block
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Who's That?
Who's That?

Cheyenne is a writer, creator, and fangirl based in Arizona.

Her works come in a variety of styles and forms, ranging from horror poetry to light and fluffy comedy, and she's now branching out into the audio world.

You can typically find her working her day job, climbing trees, listening to podcasts, or frantically scribbling down the ideas in her head before they run away.

Want to learn more?

Cheyenne was recently interviewed in Voyage Phoenix's "Phoenix's Most Inspiring Stories"!

My Books
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Anthologies featuring me
My Books

Magical Bullshit

Cheyenne is a player and co-producer

Magical Bullshit.jpg

An actual-play podcast featuring cursed items, epic games of tag, and traveling songs.

Word Wonk Pod

Cheyenne is the host and creator

Word Wonk Pod Final.png

A storytelling podcast sharing poetry, prose, and everything in between. Featuring guest narrators, writers, and a whole lot of fangirling!

Guest Appearances

Horrible Writing

Cheyenne is a guest interviewee

Featured in episodes 49 and 100


Follow one writer's journey from a know-nothing fraud to a published writer (he hopes). Every writer has thought, at one point in time or all the time, that their writing is horrible, but Host Paul Sating tells you why you don't suck as much as you think you do. Building a community of empowered writers, one episode at a time.

Alternative Stories and Fake Realities

Cheyenne is a guest writer and narrator

Featured in Farewell Monologue #4


Alternative Stories and Fake Realities is a podcast designed to promote new and original audio drama, poetry and writing from across the English speaking world. Working with themes we will produce high quality content aimed at providing new perspectives on existing stories and ideas as we bring fresh and original writing into the world.

Rolling Misadventures

Cheyenne is a guest player

Featured in 101 Fiasco, parts 1 and 2


A group of podcasters bring on guests to play a tapletop game and turn those sessions into two episode improv audio dramas.

The Stories We Tell

Cheyenne is a guest writer and narrator


Featured in episode 1


Stories fill our lives and form the legacy we leave behind. Each month, writers from the Horrible Writing Writers Support Facebook Group get together and share their stories. We select the best of the best and bring them to you each month. 

Quirky Voices Presents

Cheyenne is a guest writer and narrator

Featured in The Moonologue Sessions Part 3


Quirky voices presents... MADIVA Podcast, Teddy Story, Moonologue Sessions, and many more! Produced by the incredible Sarah Golding, this show contains voice-acting advice, audio-drama, interviews, and more!

Dice Tower Theatre

Cheyenne is a guest voice actor

Featured in Season 1, episodes 7 and 8


Dice Tower Theatre is a radioplay style retelling of a Tabletop RPG campaign over 5 years of gameplay.

The Story Vault

Cheyenne is a guest writer

Featured in episodes 7 and 18


The Story Vault is a weekly story podcast. Different fantasy, sci-fi and fiction stories are read and discussed each week by the show host The Vault Keeper. There are many stories in this world, and they are all special. Tune in each week to discover what secrets lie inside...The Story Vault.

School Notebook
Daily Poetry Blog

Yes, you read that right! Every day, Cheyenne publishes a new poem.

There are also hundreds of poems archived, ready for you to read, including works of horror, satire, traditional forms, and over a dozen other categories!

Daily Poetry Blog
Poetry Readings

A couple of Cheyenne's recent poetry readings. Enjoy!

Poetry Readings
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