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How I Can Help:

If you need words written, polished, or transcribed, you've come to the right place! I'm obsessed with helping people create their stories. And I can't wait to help you get you the results you need!

None of my clients have ever walked away unhappy with my work, because I guarantee high-quality and reliable service.

  • Transcription Rates: $20+/work hour

  • Editing Rates: $30-50/hour

  • Writing Rates: $40-50/hour

*Rates can vary from project to project. For an exact quote, email me. Let's make your work the best it can be!


Copywriting, fiction, poety, etc.

Writing on a Notebook


Proofreading, line-by-line, everthing else!

Laptop On Tray


Podcasts, interviews, and more!

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